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Investor Media

Investor Relations Services

Investor Media delivers ongoing investor relations, investor awareness and equity crowdfund campaigns to produce better results than traditional email campaigns. A guided and managed Investor Relations campaign will bring your stock symbol and company to the public before you ask for investors. Our strategies will bring relevance to your E-mail campaign, building trust and awareness before you launch.

Reach your exact target investor market:

  • Generate buzz at exactly the right time with your target audience
  • Spread awareness of your story to investors you would otherwise not reach
  • Hit the inbox of investors that want to see new ideas and investment information
  • Get excellent returns on your investment
  • Save time by utilizing our resources and expertise
  • Get the help you need finding investors for public or private investments
  • Create the possibility of your message going viral

Who Is Investor Media Inc.

Investor Media has worked with:
1. Mining and Exploration Companies
2. Gold Stock Companies
3. Oil and gas Companies
4. New IPOs
5. Public Companies
6. Canadian Companies

Investor Media Inc. is a forward thinking and dynamic team of individuals with a background in Investor Relations and Capital Raises and Promotional marketing services. Our company has built strategic partnership agreements with Investing Networks and Financial Portals to deliver the highest quality services in Investor Relations and Investor Marketing solutions.

Investor Media delivers full online advertising solutions for your business. Our Network of over 20 million unique targeted investors per month offer your business the maximum exposure and effective CTR (click thru rates) while also helping to maximize your marketing dollar. Through exclusive partnerships we deliver better CPM (cost per thousand) rates without sacrificing quality.

Investor Media Inc. will deliver full co-reg services and lead generations for your company. Our Co-reg services help your business build quality subscription bases through targeted advertising. If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us.

Investor Media Services

Investor Relations 100
Email Marketing 100
Direct Mail 100
Online Advertising 100
Press Releases 100

Investor Relations Services for Todays Investor

Investor Media Inc. are a full-service advertising and marketing agency providing exceptional services that target affluent investors and accredited investors.  We market a full range of services, delivering packages that build trust, increase visibility of brands & products, and gain new customers.